Alistor Lothric

The Grim



Captain of the Flame Keepers, the Elite Task Force of Anor Londo, Alistor is a fearful man who can intimidate even the most stoic warrior. This High Elf has dedicated his life to the service of his homeland and has nothing but disdain for Humans who dare to harm his people or their sacred forests.

Like his comrades, each member of their ancient order is a master of a particular weapon. Alistor wields a lethal Scythe which bears an imposing presence. The Flame Keepers have trained to channel their magic through the weapons they use, infusing them with the power of fire to scorch their foes and burn all impurity to ash. Their doctrine follows the belief that the corrupted must be purged, bathed in holy flames so that life can begin anew.

All sworn to lay down their lives if called upon to do so, these Eldritch Knights are the strong arm of the Elf Nation, given ultimate authority and the freedom to go where they suspect evil within their lands, even among their own people. Parents will sometimes tell stories of these legends to scare their children into behaving themselves, lest the Flame Keepers catch them. In a sense, one could say they are a kind of “Secret Police” of the Sylvan folk. Of course, they can also be mobilized to deal a decisive blow to foreign threats.

Following the destruction of the Human Capital, many of their kind were enraged and rallied together, attacking Elven settlements in their lands. Anor Londo sent the Flame Keepers to aid the evacuation of their people. All reports of what happened after read the same way; a dense fog filled the region at night as screams could be heard. The hostile Humans were later found dead, nothing left but charred remains…

The pile of bodies stacked the death toll so high that the Humans lost the will to continue their crusade, creating an uneasy cease-fire.

Now Alistor and his troops patrol the woods, acting as the defenders of Anor Londo and the Fey realm.

Alistor Lothric

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