Gwydion Xelray

The Dyn Hysbys



The Dyn Hysbys is a rare title given to Druids who travel the world to maintain the natural balance between Good and Evil. They mostly observe events as they unfold, each born with the innate ability to see the flow of destiny, communing with the spirits to stay aware of any disturbances. Typically, they remain neutral in the affairs of the various races, looking to avoid getting directly involved in matters as they work behind the scenes.


The Great Destruction of the Human Nation left a permanent scar on the planet, causing chaos to run rampant. No one knows what caused the terrible incident and to this day the kingdoms scramble to make sense of what happened. Not even the Dyn Hysbys could detect it, as though some sinister force had actually managed to obscure their vision.

The Ancient City of Anor Londo, a central seat of power for the Druid Clans, has been conducting an ongoing investigation to uncover the truth. Many of the Dyn Hysbys have been gathering there to meet in private and discuss the situation. All except for one.

Gwydion Xelray is a Human Druid that has earned somewhat of a reputation for being a rebel. Even though he carries the title of Dyn Hysbys passed down to him from his deceased father, he does a horrible job of following one of their chief tenets; to not deliberately get involved with others. He disagrees with the belief, viewing the others as part of the problem if they refuse to act when needed. In which case, he has declined to join the rest of his people in Anor Londo and instead has been working on his own.

Ever since the massive explosion, Gwydion has traveled the lands seeking to restore balance his own way. Purging settlements of malicious spirits. Driving off bandits taking advantage of defenseless villages. Saving captured Elves and other Fey creatures from bounty hunters. All the while he listens to the rumors, following any leads about who or what may have caused the destruction. He even became a member of the Delver’s Guild, hoping to use their information network to assist his efforts.

Gwydion Xelray

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