Anor Londo


The Ancient City of Anor Londo has been a well kept secret for thousands of years and regarded as a sacred place by all Fey folk. For ages past it has acted as a safe haven for the magical creatures of the wilds. Standing as the seat of power for the Druid Clans of Telduria, many are known to live there and tend to the forest while others manage more administrative roles.

Overgrown with plants and trees, one might mistake the city for just being a collection of ruins all conveniently near to one another. The buildings may seem unkempt but the stone is heavily saturated with mystical energies. Any spellcaster worth their salt could place a hand upon a wall and feel a feint pulse like a heartbeat, as though the entire place were alive…

Anor Londo is governed by the Guardian Council made up of immortal Arch Druids who have watched over the land for millennia. They command authority greater than Kings, none may oppose their judgement as they are responsible for maintaining the security and well being of the natural world and all creatures in it. Anyone or anything that poses a threat to the stability of the magical realm are dealt with accordingly, even if they be royalty. As such, the Council wields a great deal of power and influence through its Right and Left hand.

The Eldritch Keepers of the Flame act as the military might of Anor Londo, a relatively small but highly skilled task force of Elf Fighters who are all masters of a particular type of weapon and capable of harnessing the element of fire. The stories say that they could wipe out a kingdom over night and leave nothing behind but scorched remains. They are lead by Captain Alistor Lothric.

Meanwhile, the Dyn Hysbys is a secretive Order of Druids who travel the world and conduct private investigations on behalf of the Council. They use their gift to see the threads of fate and operate behind the scenes to protect the delicate balance between Good and Evil, assuming a neutral stance in political affairs and war. These Druids focus more on purifying corrupted places and exterminating demonic creatures or phantoms, restoring life to spoiled land tainted by death and decay.

It is forbidden for outsiders to enter Anor Londo unless given permission. Only Druids, Elves and the Fey are permitted entry. Those who venture into their woods uninvited are never seen or heard from again…

Anor Londo

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