Regions, Cities and Towns


Human Areas

Dominion of Kelnore

  • Tamash Ahir

The Grand Kingdom of Kron-Nesis

Darakeene Protectorate

  • Dragonport

Eamonvale (The Uplands)

  • Dun Eamon (The Grey Citadel)

Kingdom of Vesh

  • Arylon

Kingdom of the Sea Lords

  • Ardwall

Archclericy of Valon

Elven Area

Illvandrin (Forest Heart)


Anor Londo


Nyrae (Lands of the Crow King)

  • Lastwall

The Fang Lands

  • Skraag (City of the Troll King)

Urland (Land of the Dragon Princes)

  • Ironstead


  • Ithellium

Regions, Cities and Towns

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